Dear Value Customers,

I would like to thank most sincerely to our customers who support FamilyMart as always.

FamilyMart is the second largest convenience store chain in the world with more than 23,800 stores globally. We have been expanding our business model, targeting to Asian markets with the aim of becoming the No.1convenience store chain.

I’ve completely believed that Vietnam is dynamic and strongly developed the retail market with speedy growth capabilities which have been pushed by modernizing the distribution of consumption product.

FamilyMart was founded and developed in Japan along with operation experiences in Southeast Asia. Our goal is creating a comfortable, friendly and reliable shopping environment for Vietnamese people to purchase their daily convenient necessities and grocery.

Our mission is making all customers feel like being back home after a stressful working day in every store they step in. “Welcome to the Family” – we always cherish their smile and satisfaction whenever they visit FamilyMart.

CEO of FamilyMart Vietnam